11-1-22 (1)


Brian Woods sent this email to his division members a couple of days ago. It was very informative and provides information that would be beneficial to the entire chapter. Here is the email:

Well, that was quick! The 22-23 season is officially here D3s.

Hopefully, everyone has taken care of their business.

Below is a quick recap with hyperlinks
THSBOA State Dues
THSBOA Registration & Test
Paid Local Dues
Fort Worth Ref Registration
Arbiter Blocks
Accepted Assigned Games
Follow Fort Worth Basketball Officials on Facebook
I am posting scenarios that we will face during our games as well as a clarification of rules that you may not be familiar with

A few other important things as we approach the season

Let’s continue to communicate with our crew via text, phone call, or email.
If you have not already added your phone number in Arbiter, please do so that you can be reached.
If you have an issue with a game that you have been assigned or accepted, be sure to give the assignor a ring and let them know ASAP so that they can plan accordingly.
Have an effective pre-game
This is an excellent time to discuss game scenarios, rule adjudications, and game management
Talk about block charges, pass and crash plays, etc., and who is responsible for what
Own your position each time down the floor
Try to arrive at your games in a timely fashion
Varsity – 1 hour before the game, no less than 45 mins
If you have an ejection, please follow our EJECTION PROCESS
Attend our in person MEETINGS. We are working hard to change things up and make it more interactive so that we can take what we learn and apply it in our games
Challenge yourself to hustle to your spots to ensure that you are in the best position possible
Take care of yourselves! We need each and every one of you this season
Stretch, but don’t overdo it
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this chapter, your peers, and the communities we serve. I know that we get a lot of flak and criticism, but your efforts make a HUGE difference.


Brian Woods
Div III Rep
Social Media Director