We have a general meeting tomorrow night at 7pm at Birdville Coliseum in Haltom. This will be a special night for our chapter. Jaime Dixon, TCU Men’s Head Coach will be in attendance to speak to our members. Please email if there is a specific topic that you would like discussed. Here are the topics we have so far:

1. Jaime Dixon, TCU Men’s Coach
2. Todd Urbanek, Baylor Scott & White- Discuss stretching and injury prevention
3. Ron Britt-Schedules and Games
4. Breakout sessions in groups

Don’t forget our actionable items:

PAY YOUR DUES. Make sure you pay your state and local dues ASAP. Ron can’t assign you games if you haven’t paid your dues. The PayPal link on the website has been fixed.  He has started assigning scrimmages and games for this season. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about paying your dues.
ACCEPT YOUR GAMES. Make sure you have checked the box “Ready to Assign” on your profile. Please accept or decline your games ASAP. The expectation is that you accept the games as soon as they have been assigned.
BLOCK YOUR DATES. It is your responsibility to block dates that you are unable to officiate. It’s not Ron’s job to monitor and adjust the schedules of 200-plus officials. We all have other responsibilities in our lives. Out of respect for your assigner, please BLOCK YOUR DATES.
TAKE YOUR TESTS. You have to make 80 or above to officiate varsity basketball. You have to make 90 or above to officiate playoffs. Please take the rules test and either the 2-man or 3-man mechanics exam. Take the mechanics test that you officiate.

General Meeting 7 pm
Birdville Coliseum
6108 Broadway Ave.
Haltom City, Texas 76117

Dwight Miller
President FWBOA